Marryan Majerowitz

Merryan Majerowitz is a master's student in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Her research examines replication of residential environments in neoliberal Israel, in which housing is primarily a commodity in a market economy. In the current era, the discourse on housing has mainly real estate and socioeconomic aspect, with the architectural dimension left out and therefore not part of the nationwide effort to find solutions to the housing crisis. In her research, Merryan seeks to discuss precisely this dimension, which focuses on the quality of the housing unit and its packaging as part of all the components making for quality residential neighborhoods. The research will ask in-depth questions regarding architectural ethics, and illuminate and analyze the planning and design processes currently taking place in Israel. Through her research Merryan hopes to contribute to the development of theoretical as well as practical knowledge, for planning housing for the public and enriching the public debate together with an effective change in planning systems.