Dr. Tamir Arviv

Dr. Arviv completed his PhD at the University of Toronto University and is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Technion's Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. He explores the relationship between the planning and design of high-rise complexes (HRCs) in ethnically mixed Israeli cities, and the everyday practices and interactions among residents of seemingly divided social groups, principally Arabs and Jews. Using a variety of methodologies, including in-depth interviews, observations and surveys, Dr. Arviv studies how residents use public and semi-public spaces in daily life and how they serve as meeting points for the various groups. Beyond his contribution to the body of knowledge concerning the nexus of city planning, multiculturalism, and shared spaces, Dr. Arviv wishes to provide planners, designers and policymakers with a deeper understanding of the new social and spatial opportunities and challenges posed by HRCs in multicultural urban areas in Israel and around the world.