Dr. Michal Rabani

Dr. Michal Rabani is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, returning to Israel after completing her PhD at MIT and a postdoc at Harvard University. She studies how molecular circuits inside living cells control the RNA products of genes, to generate the precise RNA levels that drive embryonic cells to assume more specialized identities during development. She particularly focuses on early embryos, which do not produce new RNAs, but function by regulating existing maternally deposited products. Dr. Rabani uniquely addresses these questions by using the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo as a powerful in vivo model of vertebrate development. Her research implements cutting-edge genomic technologies and develops novel high-throughput assays, computational algorithms and statistical models to extract biologically meaningful insights. Understanding these basic cellular processes has wide implications for many practical applications, ranging from bioengineering to disease mechanisms.