Dr. Moran Yassour

Dr. Yassour is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Medicine. She completed her postdoctoral training at MIT’s Broad Institute and Harvard. Her lab seeks to transform our understanding of the infant gut microbiome – the community of bacteria that live in our bodies and help educate our immune system, digest our food and protect us from pathogens. By computationally analyzing samples from infants and their parents that will be collected at unprecedented scale and depth, they will examine (1) how delivery mode affects establishment of the microbiome; (2) how early life feeding impacts its development; and (3) the microbial community’s implication on the onset of pediatric food allergies. Dr. Yassour’s research will enable the development of interventions to colonize the gut of children born by C-section, supplement the diet of formula-fed children, and shift the infant gut microbiome to a less “allergy-prone” state.