Dr. Yakir Paz

Dr. Paz is a lecturer in the Departments of Talmud and Classical Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His postdoctoral studies were conducted at the universities of Yale and Ca’ Foscari, Venice, and the Martin Buber Society of Fellows at the Hebrew University. His research focuses on commentaries in antiquity; the impact of Roman law on rabbinic law; Jews and Christian in the Sasanian Empire – the last pre-Islamic Persian Empire; theological polemics in antiquity; Syriac and Armenian literature; and ancient Jewish magic. In his current project, he reconstructs the various aspects of the Jewish communities in the Sasanian Empire outside of Babylonia (central Iraq). Since the Babylonian Talmud was composed largely in Babylonia, it mainly represents the point of view of the rabbis of that region. By cross-referencing its biased depiction of Jews outside Babylonia with non-Jewish sources, Dr. Paz hopes to uncover the cultural and religious diversity of the Jews during this crucial period.