Mati Zakai-Mashiach

Mati Zakai-Mashiach is a PhD student at Tel Aviv University in the field of Special Education. Her research focuses on the social relationships between typically developing (TD) preschoolers and children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) who have been integrated in their classrooms. Her research focuses particularly, on the social-cognition and social behavior characteristics of the TD preschoolers who demonstrated social interest in the ASD child. In addition, she is also examining parents' and teachers' attitudes towards inclusion and towards special needs preschoolers. Mati hopes to offer practical guidelines for community and educational policy for inclusion of special needs individuals into society, from preschool age and onward. 

Presentations at conferences:

Zakai-Mashiach, M., Ziv, M., & Dromi, E. "Social interest of Typically Development Peers in a child with ASD." (Poster presented at IMFAR - International Meeting for Autism Research, Toronto, Canada May 2012).