Eyal Karzbrun

Eyal Karzbrun is studying for his PhD in the field of Synthetic Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. By constructing genetic networks on surfaces and controlling inter-gene distances, he aims to mimic basic cellular functions. Eyal's work lies in the boundary between physics, material science and biology. Through a quantitative approach and a unique system of research, he hopes to bring new insights to the function of genetic networks in cells. 


• E. Karzbrun
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Youth tutoring at “Nitzotzot Mada” ("Science Sparks") project:

I am participating in the “Nitzotzot Mada” (science sparks) project carried out at the Davidson Center of Science Education in Rehovot. The program aim is to empower teenagers from the Ethiopian community and to improve their prospects in scientific academic education.
As part of the program I tutor two high school students on a weekly basis and assist them with their assignments and understanding of the required material. I find it very rewarding to engage with young students and to assist them in scientific topics which I am passionate about.

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