Efrat Vertes

Masters in Architecture & Urban planning.
Tel Aviv University 
Dissertation Topic:  The Heritage Preservation Phenomenon in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and its Implications on the City’s Architecture and Urban Culture. 

 Neve Sha’Anan neighborhood:

My connection with Neve Sha’Anan neighborhood goes back to my B.Arch studies. In my final project I had examined the options to build and regenerate urban areas suffering from extreme physical hazards, such as Tel Aviv’s New Central Bus Station. Research has proven that neglection of space and physical hazards lead to the deterioration of the communal structure, allow crime and permit the abandonment of residents’ personal security. In Neve Sha’Anan and south Tel Aviv, veteran residents and asylum seekers are fighting together for the creation of a united community and against the neglect by the authorities. During this year’s volunteer work, I had the opportunity and privilege to take part in this activity, in the framework of “Achoti” and “Power to the Community” organizations.