Desiree Tillo

Postdoctoral research in Genomics
Weizmann Institute of Science
Research topic: High-throughput  approaches to study gene regulation 


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Tillo D, Kaplan N, Moore IK,  Fondufe-Mittendorf Y, Gossett AJ,  Field Y,  Lieb JD, Widom J, Segal E, Hughes TR. 2010. High nucleosome occupancy is encoded at human regulatory sequences.    PLoS ONE  5 (2): e9129. 

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Book chapters:

• Bishop RE, Cambillau, C, Privé, GG, Hsi D, Tillo D, and Tillier ERM. Bacterial Lipocalins: Origin, Structure, and Function. In: Akerström B, Borregaard, N, Flower DR, Salier JP (eds.). Lipocalins. Austin, Texas: Landes Bioscience; 2006. p 5-11