Benoit Palmieri

Postdoctoral research in theoretical chemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science
Research topic: Diffusion in confining environments Stabilization mechanism for cell membrane microdomains

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Presentations at Conferences:

• Benoit Palmieri and Samuel Safran. “Stabilization of concentration fluctuations in mixed membranes by hybrid lipids”
(Poster presented at the Faraday Discussion 161: Lipids and Membranes Biophysics, London, Uk, September 11-13 2012)
(Talk at APS March Meeting 2012, Boston, USA, 27 Feb - 2 March 2012)
(Poster presented at Jülich Soft Matter Days, Gustav Streseman Institut, Bonn, Germany, 15-18 November 2011)

• Benoit Palmieri and David Ronis.“Diffusion in Channeled Structres”
(Poster presented at Gordon Research Conferences: The Chemistry and Physics of Liquids Holderness School, Holderness, NH, July 2005 and August 2003)