Lilach Ashoulin

PhD in Education
University of Haifa
Dissertation Topic: Offspring of Righteous Among the Nations:  The Place and Meaning of the Story of Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust in the Lives of their Adult Offspring 


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Teaching the Holocaust from a Different Angle – Activity for High School Students

The volunteer work I'm conducting is divided into two parts (activities)

1. Preparation of youth for their journey to Poland:
High school students, in preparation for their journey to Poland, attend a four- meeting workshop in which they meet Holocaust survivors who practice different art disciplines. The survivors tell their stories and subsequently, students create related art work under the guidance of the survivors themselves. The intimate interaction allows students to express their thoughts and emotions on the subject. The students gain a comprehensive perception of the holocaust survivor's life.

The art is a language which enables the survivors to process their personal story and to build a bilateral communicational bridge between themselves and the youth.
During the journey the group visits one of the survivors village and hold a ceremony at the place where all village Jews were murdered

2. 8th grade students discussing the phenomena of Righteous among the Nations:
8th grade students learn about the Holocaust all through the year. During the second semester I meet them and bring the story of Righteous among the Nations, in two consecutive meetings. The first one is an interactive presentation of the subject. The focus is on the significance and complexity of the decision to help followed by moral dilemmas. The second meeting comprises presentation of one or two personal stories of Righteous among the Nations (having contact with them or their children). Subsequently, the students write them letters of. The letters are delivered to the Righteous among the Nations or their children.
A quote from one of the students' letters: " I heard your story today, and I got very emotional. I was impressed by your courage. I am not sure I could have been so brave myself. You saved a Jewish family, and without your help they could not have survived. Thanks to you, new generations continued, and families grew in Israel. Your action reflects your character, and sets an example for all of us. Thank you, I wish you long life and enjoy every moment, you deserve it. All the best to you and your family"  

Attached: Art works of the students involved in the activities