Raja Giryes

PhD in Computer Science
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Dissertation Topic: Sparsity Models for Signals: Theory and Applications.  


R. Giryes, M. Elad, and Y.C. Eldar. 2011. The projected GSURE for automatic parameter tuning in iterative shrinkage methods. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis. Volume 30, Issue 3, May: 407-422.

Conference Publications:

R. Giryes, V.Cevher. Online performance guarantees for sparse recovery. in ICASSP; Prague; Czech Republic; May 22-27, 2011.

R. Giryes, Y. C. Eldar and M. Elad. Automatic Parameter Setting for Iterative Shrinkage Methods. in IEEE 25-th Convention of Electronics and Electrical Engineers in Israel (IEEEI'08); Eilat; Israel, Dec. 2008.

R. Giryes, A. M. Bronstein, Y. Moshe, M. M. Bronstein. Embedded System for 3D Shape Reconstruction. In Proc. European DSP Education and Research Symposium (EDERS); Tel Aviv; Israel; June 18, 2008.