Elad Noor

PhD in Biochemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science
Dissertation Topic: Studying Evolutionary Constraints through Design and Analysis of Metabolic Pathways

Currently, Elad is postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zürich, at Prof. Uwe Sauer's lab. I am studying a phenomenon called substrate channeling, where two different enzymes pass an intermediate compound between them.
I have been an Azrieli fellow during my PhD at the Weizmann Institute, where I studied the natural constraints that apply to metabolic pathways and how to engineer new ones. Being an Azrieli fellow was a great opportunity to meet excellent academics from diverse fields and have a chance to get a glimpse of what their research is about. 

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Elad joined Engineers Without Borders (an NGO that focuses on engineering projects in third-world countries) and was part of a group of students that planned, designed and built a rainwater collection system at a public school in Tanzania. Many of the children in the village of Minjingu were suffering from a condition called bone fluorosis which was cased by the high concentrations of fluoride in the drinking water. The system was installed in September 2014 and is now providing clean and healthy water to the children in the school (link to the facebook page). He started working on this project in 2012, and was one of the first volunteers that joined the team. "It was a very fulfilling experience and a great pleasure to work with other motivated people who sincerely want to use their expertise to help others."