Oren Shoval

PhD in Systems Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Dissertation Topic: Design principles of biological systems 


Shoval O, Goentoro L, Hart Y, Mayo A, Sontag E, Alon U. 2010. Fold-change detection and scalar symmetry of sensory input fields. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 107 (36):15995 -16000.

Shoval O, Alon U. 2010. SnapShot: Network Motifs. Cell. 143:326.

Shoval O, Alon U, Sontag E. 2010. Symmetry invariance for adapting biological systems. Arxiv, 1012.2782. [cited 2011 Feb 2].

• Goentoro L, Shoval O, Kirschner MW, Alon U. 2009. The Incoherent Feedforward Loop Can Provide Fold-Change Detection in Gene Regulation. Molecular Cell. 36(5):894-899.