Hedva Meiri

PhD in Education
University of Haifa
Dissertation Topic: Implicit Learning Processes of Compensated Dyslexic Readers.

Shortly after completing the Azrieli Fellows Program Hedva submitted her doctoral dissertation for review.
Today Hedva is a postdoctoral fellow in the Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities at the University of Haifa.  Her research focuses on individuals with dyscalculia.
The main project she has been working on is the development of a computerized program to quickly and accurately assess the math skills of first-graders. The program is a pre-cursor to a computerized intervention program.
In the near future Hedva hopes to complete the development of the intervention program and expand the breadth of both programs to include material for children in grades 2-6.
In addition, she is analyzing EEG and eye-tracking data collected from students with dyscalculia in order to shed light on the differences in brain function and processing that distinguish individuals with dyscalculia.

In a personal perspective:
"When joining the program I quickly understood that becoming an Azrieli Fellow meant becoming part of the Azrieli family. The Fellow Forums, social activities, cultural events, and unending support from the Azrieli Foundation provided endless opportunities to grow both intellectually and personally. I really feel that I was on a journey these past few years and that the Azrieli Foundation and it's amazing staff accompanied me in every step of the way". 


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