Aviad Rubin

Research and teaching in Political Science
University of Haifa
Research Topic: Language Policy, Minority-State Relations and the Limits of Linguistic Integration in Three Democratic Regimes.

Aviad Rubin held an Azrieli International Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Tel Aviv University during the 2010-2011 academic year. Dr. Rubin is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Government and Political Theory, School of Political Science, University of Haifa. He holds MA and PhD degrees in political science from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. In the past Dr. Rubin was the recipient of the Rabin Fellowship at the Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education of the Hebrew University.
Dr. Rubin specializes in the intersection between democratic theory and identity politics with particular emphasis on nationalism, religion and language. In addition, he studies the Arab-Israel conflict and transitions to democracy in Middle Eastern societies. His PhD dissertation explored the state-religion relationship in Turkey and Israel and its impact on democratic stability. At present, Dr. Rubin is working on several projects that deal with the role of religion in democratizing states in the Middle East and elsewhere, the impact of language policies on minority-majority relationships and democratic performance, and the relationship between diaspora-groups and nation-states. 


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Rubin A. "What Went Wrong? Elite Formation and Transitions to Democracy in the Palestinian Authority," Journal of Peace Conflict and Development, Issue 9, (July 2006): pp.1-31.

Chapters in Books:

Aviad Rubin., "Toward Conceptual Integration of Religious Actors in Democracy and Civil Society: Turkey and Israel Compared," in Secular State and Religious Society: Two Forces in Play in Turkey, ed. Berna Turam (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), pp. 167-193.

Book reviews:

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